Emotional/Spiritual Health

The fifth important point of 5-Point Wellness is Emotional/Spiritual health. We at 5-Point Wellness have combined the spiritual and emotional wellness sections because we believe that they are stronger connected than the psychological and emotional.. We don't discount the important connection they share, but we feel that the psychological and emotional points share only one common bond where the emotional and spiritual points share four bonds. The four bonds that are shared include; knowledge, logic, critical thinking, and consistency.

Emotional well being is an instinctive state of being that is derived from one's educational background and personal experiences. When a person is emotionally balanced they are in tune with their intuition because they have learned how to manage their feelings by applying their knowledge, logic, and critical reasoning skills to make correct choices. Correct choices leads to wisdom.

Spiritual wellness is the state of being wise from successfully balancing the physical, psychological, emotional, social, and financial aspects of life. The wise individual is striving for continuous improvement and frequently measuring themselves to a set of realistic high ethical standard values. Spiritual wellness could also be defined as an individuals state of mind where they continually strive for improvement in every aspect of their life, thus making them wise. A wise individual has learned how to love them-self, others, and has discovered what their purpose is in life.

An individual that loves them-self has the dignity to only do good to their mind, body, spirit. An individual that loves others will do good to them by assisting all people despite their socioeconomic status. Assistance can consist of either or both financial or social assistance. Even simply being an example to others is another form of assistance.

It is important for each individual to explore what they believe is their own sense of meaning and purpose in this life. Over the history of time, there have been many different approaches developed to help people identify truth. One method that is widely used in private business, law and universities is called,” The scientific Method”. 5-Point Wellness propose our alternative method of helping people identify truth of self , is called the, “Perpetual Personal Improvement Cycle“, (PPIC). This process is as follows:

  • 1. Enjoy life as you consistently repeat the below process.
  • 2. Take inventory of yourself as you are.
  • 3. Document your realistic high ethical standard values.
  • 4. Document the definitive problem areas that you need to improve.
  • 5. Formulate and document a robust hypothesis and plan.
  • 6. Test the hypothesis through experimentation of your plan.
  • 7. Assess, analyze, and document the results.
  • 8. Interpret the data and draw conclusions.
  • 9. Document your findings/improvements
  • 10. Compare your findings/improvements to your realistic high ethical standard values.
  • 11. Identify areas of needed additional testing and improvement.
  • 12. Revise your goals as you continue to progress.
  • 13. Pray and/or Meditate and/or use biofeedback to determine if the goals are accurately
            faligned to help you define your sense of purpose in life.
  • 14. Repeat the steps above

In order to be successful at fulfilling your purpose in life you need to center yourself by becoming spiritually well. Centering one's self simply means that you are consistent and vigilant at applying the 5-Point Wellness concept in your live. The key to pursing spiritual wellness is a robust yet strong formula. By applying the 5-Point Wellness plan, people will see your successes and want to be like you. Thus, you be come an example to others and desire to find out what is that you are doing to achieve the successes that they have observed you achieve.

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