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The first point of 5-Point Wellness is Physical Health. The 5-Point Wellness plan starts with developing your best Physical body based on your age, gender, ethnicity, race, height and weight. If you search the definition of what physical health means, you will find a wide variety of definitions; however, most commonly it is described as, “an essential part of overall health of an individual, which includes everything from physical fitness to overall well-being”. We feel that this definition of is too vague for most people to truly understand what Physical Health encompasses. We define Physical Health as, “the core physical and chemical science that drives the positive change, composition, structure, and properties of the physical self in direct relationship to psychological/mental, social, financial, and spiritual/emotional well-being of an individual”.

The nature of the relationship between each of the 5-Points is the main topic in our philosophy of the 5-Point Wellness Program. An excellent analogy to relate physical health to is the core of the earth. The core is super important because without it, everything else would be out of balance and life as we know it wouldn't exist. Much similar to the core of the earth, physical health is what centers and binds the 4 other points in the 5-Point Wellness Plan.

Physical health is important in order to endure each day with with the required energy and the demands that are put on us. Only then can we really effectively work the 4 other components. Psychological/mental, the confidence building, thinking muscle. Social, the ability to communicate clearly in your environment. Financial, your ability to make money then make smart decisions with the use of it. Emotional/Spiritual, leaving behind the negative and surrounding yourself with positive. Take care of your body and you can choose to improve your direction, but neglect can cause gradual breakdown, loss of time, money, energy and constant momentum on your intended direction.

Two out of three Americans are overweight. One third of Americans are obese and another third of Americans are sedentary. More than half the adult population never engages in physical activity that lasts longer than 10 minutes.

The solution lies in the work we are willing to do, but are we willing to do it? Really, if you think about it, we only have one body. Is it worth taking time to find out how to take care of it? How do we live smart physically and nutritionally? Everything in life is replaceable except our body. Take care of business now before its too late.

The aging process is a constant factor of change in our health and well-being. As we grow up most of us can can eat pretty much what we want until we are done growing. It’s interesting how our habits mold us as individuals. As time passes by and the pendulum starts to swing the opposite direction we grapple with muscle loss, metabolism change, life and environment changes. We have to make the choice of either having to find a direction that works positively for our health and wellness or be a victim of obesity, sickness and decreased of self-worth. It is so important to us here at 5-Point Wellness to have made it our mission, journey and dream to help others change. While the aging process is a key variable it is not the factor that needs to be focused on. We need to accept that we all age and it is our mindset on how we deal with the change.

We feel that the 5-Point Wellness Program will bring you change by applying a strategic, logical, and scientific plan that is translatable to life application as you go through your journey. We feel we will provide you with the keys you need to ensure you have a total care approach. We see a need to create a better world and have the experience, knowledge, and confidence to help you in making the change the world needs. 5-Point Wellness has developed what we call the, “Perpetual Personal Improvement Cycle“, (PPIC). This process is as follows:

  • 1. Enjoy life as you consistently repeat the below process.
  • 2. Take inventory of yourself as you are.
  • 3. Document your baseline inventory measurements.
  • 4. Document the definitive problem areas that you need to improve.
  • 5. Formulate and document a robust hypothesis and plan.
  • 6. Test the hypothesis through experimentation of your plan.
  • 7. Assess, analyze, and document the results.
  • 8. Interpret the data and draw conclusions.
  • 9. Document your findings/improvements.
  • 10. Compare your findings/improvements to your baseline measurements.
  • 11. Identify areas of needed additional testing and improvement.
  • 12. Revise your goals as you continue to progress.
  • 13. Pray and/or Meditate to help determine if the goals are accurately aligned to help you achieve your goals physically.
  • 14. Reward yourself for your achievements
  • 15. Repeat the steps above

As you apply these steps it will become clear to you as your body becomes stronger, more flexible, mobile and you have the endurance to be able to take on anything. This is a lifelong journey, one that doesn’t happen overnight. Let’s work it together!

One of our favorite movie quotes of all time comes from the movie Jerry McGuire, “Help me help you”! Help 5-Point Wellness help you.

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