Application Procedure

5-Point Wellness is currently seeking employees in the following areas. If you feel that you have the appropriate skills and experience please follow the below instructions to apply. Please note that special attention of following the below instructions will be made and no applications will be considered if they do not fulfill all the details. All the positions we are hiring for require detail orientation and the ability to read and follow instructions precisely.

Application Procedure:

  1. 1. Update your CV or Resume' to reflect all your education and work experience. Your resume' will be considered if you put your resume' together in the below order:
  2. 1.1 Earned degrees, all education, special certificates you have earned or are currently earning.
    1.2 Work experience. Please list all relevant work experience.
    1.3 If you haven't earned a specific degree or are working on your degree then include all relevant course work you have taken to help us see your education. As an alternative you may include a scanned copy of your transcripts.
    1.4 Include any other relevant information such as learned languages, service to the community etc.

  3. 2. Create a cover letter indicating why you think you would be a good fit for 5-Point Wellness. In your letter you must include the following items:
  4. 2.1 What position(s) you are applying for. Please limit to only 3 positions if you think you are qualified for more than one position.
    2.3 If there have been any gaps in your employment history please explain why the gaps have occurred. Having gaps in and of themselves is not negatively viewed, but it is helpful to explain to us why and maybe include what you learned during your unemployment.
    2.3 Include a short essay on how health and wellness is important you and how you think you can be an example to help attract customers for 5-Point Wellness. Please note that the hiring team will evaluate your writing skills in this essay. Please keep it to 1 page, arial font, 10 point size, single spaced. Also include if you have purchased any of 5-Point Wellness's products and what you found was positive and if there were any negatives.

  5. 3. e-mail your cover letter, resume'/cv, and 1 page essay to
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